Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth magnets are particularly powerful and come in a range of sizes. These Rare Earth magnets are perfect for modular assembly - that is, quick and easy part swaps. Put a Rare Earth magnet in a tank turret, and one to match in the tank itself, and the turret can be removed quickly and easily. Rare Earth Magnets allow you to swap out different weapons, to indicate damage, to pose your miniatures, or just for safe transport.

ABS Plastic Rods, Sticks and Sheets

ABS Plastic can be used for a wide range of conversions, basing, terrain and scenery. The sheets come smooth or in textures such as industrial checkerplate, brick and tile in variety of patterns, corrugated, and roof tiles and shingles. The tubes and sticks come in a range of sizes and shapes including round, square, rectangle and L bend. ABS plastic is fully compatible with our range of polystyrene glues. These are perfect for converting vehicles or even scratchbuilding new ones.