Wyrd Miniatures


At the end of a portal into another world is a rough little town called Malifaux. Populated by ruffnecks, mercenaries, magicians and necromaners, you've got enough to worry about let alone the Neverborn who lurk beyond the city limits. In this card-based skirmish game, pit your crews against one other for control of the powerful and mysterious soulstones. Draw a card from the fate deck and play your hand, but remember, in Malifaux bad things happen.


Terraclips is a uniquely designed modular 3D terrain system. All that's involved is opening the box and clipping the scenery together! 100% table ready! The scenery is constructed from 1.7mm thick punchboard and has die-cut components. Use the specifically designed Terraclips connectors to lock the boards together. Terraclips scenery helps you create the Streets, Buildings and Sewers of Malifaux on your tabletop within minutes.

Evil Baby Orphanage

Evil Baby Orphanage is a communal deck party card game for three or more players. Each player takes on the role of a Time Nanny using advanced time out technology to rid the time stream of the world's worst villains and 'prehabilitate' them to be accountants, or ballerinas, or something useful...