Spartan Games

Spartan Games are the creators of the very popular steampunk game Dystopian Wars, and its companion Dystopian Legions. They also produce a science fiction, deep-spaced based game Firestorm Armada, and a fantasy-themed Uncharted Seas. All Spartan Games miniatures are have beautiful, streamlined designs, well-planned details and are easy to paint.

Dystopian Wars

In the Dystopian World universe, the Industrial Revolution began decades earlier than our own. Now in 1870, the mighty powers of the Kingdom of Britannia, the Prussian Empire, the Empire of the Blazing Sun, Russian Coalition and the Federated States of America are drawn inexorably closer to worldwide conflict. Their military arsenals are steam powered and deadly, poised to fight on the sea, sky, city or countryside. As disputes in the colonies come to a head, the ties of allegiance are tightened. Armies are amassed on borders, awaiting for your orders, equipped with the latest, greatest and most devastating weaponry their advanced technology can produce.

Dystopian Legions

In Dystopian Wars, battles were fought in the sky, on the sea, in the cities and the countryside with mammoth steampowered battle tanks, airships and dreadnoughts. Dystopian Legions brings the war to the streets and fields, trenches and alleyways, with intense hand-to-hand combat in 28mm scale! Construct your ultimate fighting force from a range of infantry units and upgrades, small and big tanks, armoured personnel vehicles, mechanised walkers. March troops to victory with a special character whose charisma inspires courage in your men and fear in your enemies!

Firestorm Armada

The universe is ripped apart by war - The Dindrenzi Federation, an aggressive and independent human nation, is hellbent on driving the Terran Alliance beyond the Outer Reaches and back to their homeland. Both are drawing upon networks of alliances with the aquatic Aquan Prime, reptilian Sorylians, arachnid Relthoza, the powerful Directorate, and the smaller, looser coalitions of the Kurak Alliance and Zenian League. Carriers, frigates, battleships and dreadnoughts across the galaxy are powering up for epic space battles. Fight for ultimate power and influence in the Storm Zone!