Secret Weapon Miniatures

Secret Weapon produces a large range of paints, pigments, bases, basing kits, scenic kits and conversion accessories.


Secret Weapon produces a great range of scenic resin bases. Their excellent quality and attention to detail is represented here in a range of themes and sizes, in both round bevelled and round lipped resin bases. They'll suit Warhammer 40000, Privateer Press, Wyrd, Infinity, or any other miniature that fits a round bevelled or lipped base.

Basing and Scenic Kits

The Secret Weapon range of scenic products, includes flocks, grasses and foliage, water, ice and snow effects, and some great kits for simulating different terrains quickly and easily. They've got everything needed to create a realistic and vivid tabletop whether set games are set on the land, marsh areas, a warzone or the ice fields.

Pigments and Washes

Secret Weapon have developed a fantastic selection of pigments and washes, designed to create the most realistic effects possible short of submerging your minis in dirt and mud. Their washes and pigments are easy to use, designed for one coat applications and with detailed instructions on how to achieve the effects.