Privateer Press

Privateer Press are the creators of a range of steampunk games, from the tabletop wargames  Warmachine and Hordes to the Iron Kingdoms role playing game and a number of popular boardgames. 

Warmachine and Hordes

Lose yourself in the Iron Kingdoms with Warmachine and Hordes Full Metal Fantasy. Warmachine puts you in the role of a Warcaster, a powerful warrior wizard who uses their magic to drive steam powered constructs, known as Warjacks, across the battlefield to grind your opponent in to scrap! Hordes hands you, the controlling Warlock, a leash to a selection of Warbeasts, powerful monsters who unleash their rage to rip their enemies limb from limb. Warmachine and Hordes are 30mm tactical wargames from Privateer Press. It is known for balanced competitive tournament scene, rich character driven story, fast paced aggressive gameplay and being able to pit Warmachine factions against Hordes.

P3 Tools and Paints

In addition to games, Privateer Press also manufacture a range of high-quality paints and hobby tools. They are the perfect starting point for painting Privateer Press miniatures, but are versatile to suit a range of other tabletop wargame miniature games or modelling projects.