Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio produce highly detailed resin bases, in bevelled and lipped varieties, to suit any range of miniatures. Their themes will help tie together large or small forces, from science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, post-apocalyptic genres and beyond. They are solid resin bases that are great for stabilising top-heavy miniatures.  

Gaming Tokens and Templates

The Micro Art Studios Tokens, Objective Markers and Template range is generic and versatile enough to be used across a number of gaming systems. They also have tokens and templates designed specifically for the skirmish game Infinity.

Infinity Scenery

Micro Art Studios have a range of scenery to suit any style or scale of game. These scenery pieces come in resin, plastic and metal and have amazing detail. Many of their pieces are specifically designed for the science fiction urban skirmish game Infinity and would by equally suitable for any other futuristic, urban setting games.