Corvus Belli

Corvus Belli produce two ranges of games distributed by Modifx - the incredibly popular science fiction skirmish game Infinity, and ancient and medieval DBA, Corvus Belli.


150 years into our future, Humans are divided into a number of powerful, space-faring federations. All are vying for supremacy, drawn inevitably into conflict over resources, space and power.

Among humans, the PanOceanians are most powerful, with territories spanning Earth and other planets throughout the galaxy. The New Asian Yu-Jing Empire commands a considerable economic power. The Haqqislam have developed a coveted new drug that can preserve and regenerate human tissue. On the fringes of the Sphere are the Ariadna, a once forgotten colony stranded on a hostile but mineral-rich planet. The Nomads are a free and independent society, the leaders of a powerful anti-authoritarian movement that threatens the very foundations of the Sphere. Across the Human Sphere, mercenaries make great profits as privateers and Bounty Hunters. But Humans are not alone in this universe. The Aleph is a 'race' of post-human, sentient beings spawned from their powerful Artificial Intelligence. The Tohaa are an ancient civilisation seeking alliance with the Humans. And all should be very concerned about the Combined Army, determined to overtake any civilisation necessary to find their path to enlightenment.

Corvus Belli DBA

Corvus Belli produce beautiful detailed 15mm historical miniatures. Bring the ancient world to life on your tabletop or diorama with their forces from ancient Carthage, Rome, Kappadokia, Numidia or Spain. They also have miniatures from specific periods in history, such as the Hundred Years War. Their Baggage range has sheep and peasants to complement the scenery on the tabletop. Their DBA Armies are perfect for the new starter, providing you with everything you need to start playing now.