Cool Mini Or Not

Cool Mini Or Not boasts the largest online gallery of tabletop miniatures. They also craft some incredible collectible miniatures. Any one of the Cool Mini or Not models will make fantastic feature pieces for the tabletop collection. They range from 25mm to 120mm and span the fantasy, historical, science fiction and steampunk genres.

Dark Age The Game

Dark Age is an intense and gritty dice-driven skirmish game, set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Samaria. The Forsaken Humans must fight for survival against sinister cults, mad scientists, authoritarian overlords, monstrous creations and the hostile environment of their home planet.

Dark Age Base Inserts

Dark Age Base Inserts are perfect for Dark Age miniatures, but are versatile enough to complement any range of tabletop wargames. They will fit any 30mm, 40mm or 50mm round lipped bases and will easily fit Privateer Press or Wyrd miniatures, or any other brand that fits a round lipped base in 30mm, 40mm or 50mm.

Degra Miniatures

Degra Miniatures is a collection of stunningly crafted miniatures with exceptional detail. These fantasy and historical themed miniatures will be outstanding feature pieces the tabletop wargame miniature painter's collection.

Instant Mold

Instant Mold allows the tabletop wargamer to take model conversions to the next level. Use Instant Mold to create moulds of certain parts, or entire models and fill the mould with Green Stuff or Brown Stuff to replicate the parts. Instant Mold is reusable and incredible versatile, a real hit with serious hobbyists.