About Us

Modifx (pronounced Mod-effects) is based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in the distribution of the world's most popular tabletop wargames, hobby tools and accessories. Our goal is to provide well-priced high quality hobby products for use in the Table Top Wargaming, Model Train and Architectural Modelling markets.

The tabletop wargaming scene is changing. More game systems are emerging. Gamers are demanding more bang for their buck - both on the tabletop and in their local gaming stores. Retailers need to keep up with the changing pace. We're a new company with a fresh outlook on distribution. 

We operate in a dynamic, international industry - and we structure our prices to reflect trends in the global market.  Let us help you navigate the evolving landscape of wargaming in Australia, so you can keep your local gamers up-to-date with the latest and greatest, and stay competitive on a worldwide scale.  

If you would like a pricelist, please send through your name, company details, delivery and contact information via the Contact Us page or directly to russell@modifx.com.au .